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Semi Permanent Make

Semi Permanent Make Up by Sarah Ann Thomas now available.

Eyebrows £150
Eyebrow Top Up £75

Lip Liner £130
Lip Liner & Blush £150
Lip Top up £75

Eye liner (upper) £110
Eye liner (upper & lower) £130
Eye liner top up £50

Decléor Face and Body Treatments

A perfect way to experience the world renowned Decléor facials & body treatments, take a look at our price list and treat yourself to a luxurious experience.
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Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

IPL is a light based hair removal technique and possibly the least painful way to remove hair with long lasting results. It is more comfortable and can often be less expensive in the long run than other removal methods. It also has a number of added benefits, such as removing blemishes or ingrown hairs that can occur with other hair removal techniques.

IPL price - £39 small area (30 minute appointment) £69 large area (60 minute appointment)

Ultrasound liposuction

Ultrasound liposuction is a technique that reduces body fat and allows cellulite to be removed selectively, safely and non-invasively. As an inch loss treatment, it really is hard to beat. Whilst the term "liposuction" is slightly misleading (because this treatment is non-invasive) it does help to explain the effects of our machines. Our ultrasound liposuction machine uses low frequency ultrasound which is conducted through the skin to break up the fatty tissue into a liquid substance. This liquid is then passed out of the body when you visit the toilet. The great thing about this treatment is that it's perfectly safe, painless and can be done by most beauty professionals. There's no need for anaesthetic, hospital visits, surgeons or anything else that you normally think of when considering how to reduce the levels of fat in your body. The two significant aspects of the ultrasound liposuction machines that we use are the frequency of the ultrasound and the power output. The frequency is set to 40 Hz because at this frequency the ultrasound resonates with fatty tissue which in turn breaks down that tissue.

Salon 7 is offering this treatment at an introductory price of £125 for 4 treatments with 2 FREE treatments included in the price.

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